Sei concerti a flauto traversiere obligato

We did it! The second issue of the Musica Revelata series was just published! We are pleased to present the critical edition of six concertos for solo flute preserved in the Municipal Public Library in Tarnów (south east Poland), in its Department of Old Prints and 19th Century Books. The concerts (as well as sonata repertoire presented in the first issue of the series) were played at the court in Podhorce (today Ukraine) in the mid-eighteenth century. The owner of Podhorce, Wacław Piotr Rzewuski (1706–1779), was one of the greatest fans of flute music in the eighteenth-century Poland. The revealed collection includes unpublished works of Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) – concert in E minor, QV 4: 3 – and pasticcio-concerts, which include fragments of compositions by one of the Graun brothers – Johann Gottlieb (1702 / 1703–1771) or Carl Heinrich (1703 / 1704–1759) – or by J. J. Quantz.

The works were prepared and commented on by Irena Bieńkowska, assistant professor of the Institute of Musicology, the University of Warsaw.

The PDF file with the work can be free downloaded in the Publications tab, the paper version of the work can be purchased at the Sub Lupa publishing house.