About the series

The Musica Revelata series is a project developed by musicologists associated with the Institute of Musicology of the University of Warsaw, mainly the History of Polish Music and the General History of Music divisions. The aim of the series is the critical edition of the sources of unluckily forgotten or on a newly discovered music composed up to the 19th century in Poland as well as in the whole Europe. As parts of the series, source-critical editions of music (sub-series: Musicalia) and musicological-theoretical dissertations (sub-series: Studies) will be released.

A research project entitled Musica in aulis Poloniae is realized from 2017 as a part of the Musica Revelata series. The Musica in aulis Poloniae project is dedicated to the music composed and performed at the magnate and royal courts of Poland from the earliest times to the nineteenth century,

All publications of the Musica Revelata series will be published in electronic version (available for free download at this website), as well as in print by the Sub Lupa publishing house.

Ɓukasz Szulim is responsible for edition of the notes in the Musicalia sub-series.