Francesco Maria Cattaneo

We are pleased to present the first issue of the Musica Revelata series, which contains a critical edition of the manuscript preserved in the Municipal Public Library in Tarnów (south east Poland), in the Department of Old Prints and 19th Century Books. The antique document, which contains anonymously noted compositions for violin and basso, probably belonged to an Italian violinist employed at one of the magnate courts of the 18th-century Poland, most probably – in its southern borderlands. The violin sonatas of Francesco Maria Cattaneo (1697–1758) were recognized among the compositions – in the 1720s he was a musician at the Warsaw-Dresden court of Field Marshal Jerzy Henryk Flemming, then was a concertmaster at the Royal Court of August III in Dresden (after 1755).

The works were prepared and commented on by Irena Bieńkowska, assistant professor of the Institute of Musicology, the University of Warsaw.

The PDF file with the work can be free downloaded in the Publications tab, the paper version of the work can be purchased at the Sub Lupa publishing house.